Comic Rewind: Seven To Eternity Vol. 1

An evil dictator can only be defeated with the help of a man with a cursed family name in Seven To Eternity Vol. 1.

The land of Zhal has been ruled by Garlis Sulm also known as the God of Whispers for many years.  Sulm is a mosak or a person with unique special abilities which seem to be inherited. Sulm has the power to see anyone’s deepest desire and grant it.  However, once they accept his offer Sulm can see and hear through them.  

Adam Osidis’ father worked with Sulm in the Mosak Warden Temple and discovered his plan, but he was too late and everyone had already heard Sulm’s offer.  The Osidis name was forever cursed with being blamed for all the terrible things in the world.

The Osidis family went into hiding and hid from Sulm for many years, but Sulm searched for the family to make them an offer.  The family was eventually found.  Adam’s father was killed in a battle with one of Sulm’s servants.  Osidis is out of options and goes to Sulm to hear his offer and save his family.

Seven To Eternity is written by Rick Remender,  Matt Hollingsworth and Jerome Opena provided the art for the volume.  The volume was just published in 2017 by Image Comics.

I have been looking for an epic comic story similar to the Odyssey or The Lord of the Rings for a while and this is heading in the right direction.  However, this takes place in a relatively modern time as there are some guns.  

Having an unlikely group of heroes band together to defeat ultimate evil is always a fun concept.  A group of different races, different morales but all with sad stories which fuel their desire to destroy Sulm.

I am used to the assembly of heroes stage be slow and gradual.  However, in this story the other heroes literally crash in on Sulm’s offer with Osidis.

It was also a little weird having the hero and villain fight happen in the first volume.  The story of the following volumes will be what happens after the battle.  Its story will be a little more towards The Lord of the Rings side of the epic story scale as it continues.  The group has the “ring” they still need to destroy it however.

I really enjoyed this comic and the following volumes I think will be much better.  This volume is a lot of setup and learning about the characters.  This may be the weakest volume of the amazing series.  

Like I said before I didn’t really have any epic story books which I can recommend.  Literature has a billion of these types of stories, but comics have far less.  I do have one though, Bone by Jeff Smith.  Bone is the story of three cousins who get lost in the woods and then get wrapped up in an adventure.  It is very silly, cartoony, dark at times, but also with a Three Stooges feel.

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