Boyd Holbrook on Entering the Franchise as Wolverine Leaves in Logan

Wolverine’s gone up against villains both good (Magneto) and bad (we’re looking at you not-Deadpool) in the X-Men movie franchise. In the upcoming Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final turn as the character, he faces off against Daniel Pierce, played by Narcos star Boyd Holbrook.

Wolverine cosplayer Lonstermash attended the press junket for Logan, where he talked to Holbrook about participating in the sendoff for Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine, and how not being familiar with the character of Pierce worked to his advantage.


Lonstermash: Hey Boyd, how you doing?

Boyd Holbrook: I’m good, sir.

Lonstermash: Good. Are you a fan?

Boyd Holbrook: Yeah I think this is pretty wicked. I’d like a pair of those claws, actually.

Lonstermash: Well I know the propmaker personally, so I can get you some.

Boyd Holbrook: Oh yeah? Those’re just—you’re gripping?

Lonstermash: Yeah, they’re not really embedded in me.

Boyd Holbrook: Fuuuuuuu—

Lonstermash: So how’s it feel to play the last villain in the legacy of Hugh Jackman in the X-Men movies?

Boyd Holbrook: Cool responsibility. Very cool. Overwhelming, but you get over that really quickly. It’s just amazing to get to—

Lonstermash: It’s quite an honor, huh?

Boyd Holbrook: Quite an honor to get to play with the likes of Steve Merchant, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, James Mangold, and then you’re not even seeing the crew that’s there. Incredible talent.

Lonstermash: Were you an X-Men fan growing up, and if so did you have any familiarity with Donal Pierce?

Boyd Holbrook: I didn’t know a thing going into this. I just really concentrated on the script, you know? Thank God, it was so well-written by James and Scott Frank. It made my life a lot easier.

Lonstermash: It allows you to kind of make the role your own, too, I guess, not having a familiarity and a bias and all that stuff. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

Boyd Holbrook: Absolutely.

Lonstermash: So you play a DEA agent on your Narcos series, obviously you’re playing a good guy in that. Was this your first time playing a bad guy on screen?

Boyd Holbrook: Yeah, I mean I think that’s what I always look for in roles, sort of the grey, the black and white, which I love things that are very foreign to me, which I’m probably the furthest thing away from being a cop, and I think I’m really far away from Donald. And I think that’s what keeps my curiosity, is finding all of these voices, wherever they lay.

Lonstermash: How’d you get your normal hand back?

Boyd Holbrook: I sewed that son of a bitch right back on.

Lonstermash: Awesome. No scars or anything, I’m really impressed.

Boyd Holbrook: Well, we did a lot of grafting, but yeah we kept it on ice for about three or four months. And then I’ve got a little tingling sensation.

Lonstermash: That’ll go away after a year.

Boyd Holbrook: After a year, by doing a lot of rehab.

Lonstermash: Yeah, I actually do that in real life so I know about those things. I didn’t know what to expect from your performance with you as the character, like I do with the other people, and you really killed it. I was really impressed.

Boyd Holbrook: Well thank you very much.

Lonstermash: Yeah. What I really liked about your performance was you reminded of like an outlaw from the old west. Were you kind of going for that? It was a futuristic movie, but you reminded me of an oldschool outlaw.

Boyd Holbrook: Yeah. I did a lot of prep on that, did a lot of time thinking about it and rehearsing it. And a lot of it was written in—you know the voice was written in, some of the cosmetic stuff I got to create, like coming up with the backstory with the tooth and the glasses, just making him have a little bit of his own personality. Because he is a bit of a rogue, he’s a bit of an outsider, which you said, a bit of an outcast., not really welcomed into the group, but he sort of pushes his way in.

Lonstermash: Yeah, it’s an interesting story with the Reavers, I’m sure you’ve gotten familiar with them now, how he was actually I guess made by Wolverine, that’s why he has the robotic arm in the first place. So it’s almost like he has a vendetta against him.

Boyd Holbrook: Yeah he does, and I think it’s also really interesting that he creates X-23 off of his blueprint, or your blueprint I should say.

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