Affleck Doesn’t Want To Play BATMAN Anymore!!

All is not well in the world of Batman, at least that what the latest rumors seem to indicate. While reports of production issues on the forthcoming The Batman have forced Ben Affleck out of the director’s chair, a new rumor goes a step further.

John Campea, a film industry insider, said on his most recent Collider show that Affleck doesn’t want anything to do with Batman — the role, the film or the franchise.

“Ben Affleck, make no mistake, he wants out. He doesn’t want to be Batman anymore.”

Campea even says that this should be taken with a grain of salt, but he still felt enough ways about it to report on it. This rumor comes on the heels of news that Affleck was replaced as director of the film by Matt Reeves and that the film was undergoing a total re-write.

How much of that is true, outside of the Reeves news, is speculative. But you don’t hear negative rumors about a film that is going off without a hitch, and there is reason for Batman fans to be worried about the future of this project.

The juiciest bit isn’t that Affleck wants to leave — supposedly — it’s that he is basically leveraging his way out of the role. Everyone is going to zero in on the headline of Affleck wanting out of the role, but how he’s going about it, allegedly, is even more interesting.

According to Campea, Affleck is actively negotiating his way out of the role but if he can’t come to terms with Warner Bros then he’s going to make The Batman his final appearance as the character.

That would mark he fourth time he plays the role, which lines up with what we heard about his contract when he was announced for the role. Batman V Superman and Justice League knock off two obligations and there will be a third when he stars in the second Justice League movie. The Batman makes four, and then it sounds like it the Bat Signal will power down for Affleck’s run as the character.

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