5 Things You May Not Know About Han Solo

Despite the fate at the end of the Force Awakens, the charming smuggler and will see his origin told on the big screen. Production has already begun on the Han Solo: A Star Wars Story film, but before we what transpires on the big screen we’ll share 5 stories from Star Wars Legends and lore about Han Solo that you might now have heard about.

There will be minor SPOILER here from the comics and novels in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and Star Wars Legends. Read on to see what you may have missed so far and get caught up and prepare yourself for the Han Solo: A Star Wars Story next year.


This was revealed in the Marvel Comics flagship title, Star Wars, Han Solo “married” a fellow smuggler and outlaw, Sana Starros, in a fake ceremony as a ploy to steal from a crime lord. Solo and Sana pulled off the heist, but Solo soon left Sana behind, stealing her share along with him. They met again after Han was a part of the Rebel Alliance, and they reunion went exactly how you thought it would. Many thought Sana would appear in the Han Solo movie, but when Emilia Clarke was cast that seemed to dash all hope seeing as Sara is a dark skinned black woman. Hopefully she still might turn up.

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