#TriviaTuesday! WWE Royal Rumble Edition

It’s Tuesday on That Hashtag Show, which means it’s #TRIVIATUESDAY for pop culture fans united! With the WWE Royal Rumble coming up this Sunday January 29th, we thought we’d jog your memories with some of the craziest moments in Rumble history.

Answer these 10 trivia questions from Trivia with Budds and be entered in a raffle to win an exclusive piece of art from Rebel Art Designs!

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  1. What WWE Superstar won the first Royal Rumble ever in 1988?
  2. What single-named Superstar won the match in 2010, entering at #27?
  3. Who holds the record for most eliminations in one match with 12?
  4. What Superstar had the longest single Rumble time at 01:02:12?
  5. What comedian bribed Kane with cash to avoid elimination in 2001?
  6. Kane has appeared in 19 Rumbles as himself and two other personas. Name them both.
  7. Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Triple H, and what other Superstar have all won two Rumbles?
  8. Who won the Royal Rumble in 2000?
  9. Who is the only Rumble winner to not get a championship push of any kind after winning?
  10. Name any of the nine Superstars who eliminated themselves in the match.

Have a great time watching the PPV this Sunday!

Game Idea:  everyone throws in $5 and numbers 1-30 get distributed evenly to the guests. If your number wins, you win the pot!

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