10 Video Games That Hit You Right In The Nostalgia

Nostalgia. It’s that moment where you go back in time to your fond memories growing up hearing that la la la music in your head and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do on this list. With that in mind, let’s take a trip down memory lane with the top ten video games that hit you right in the nostalgia.


10. Metal Slug

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Remember when you were dragged to the laundromat by your folks and you were bored as hell? Well this gem was always there to make sure you had your video game fix until you blew through all your mom’s quarters and then you weren’t able to dry your clothes.
This title by Nazca eventually into SNK was famous for it’s fast pace, bad ass shooting and it’s humor. When you got tired of getting your ass whooped in level 3, call in your brother in arms for some great co op action.

9. Road Rash

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Before Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto, being chased by the cops was done in this Sega classic. In addition to the police pursuit, you were able to attack the other racers with weapons or even steal theirs and beat them with it. That is fucking awesome.
Since it’s release, Road Rash has spawned 6 games and even two separate games that were inspired by the awesome motorcycle combat game. Chain gang bitch!

8. Super Smash Bros.

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Do you remember seeing this commercial for the first time? You had to stop what you were doing because it instantly had your attention. The idea of Mario fighting Link on who was really the mascot of Nintendo or Yoshi battling Pikachu to see who was the better sidekick.
Unlike most fighting games where you have to deplete life bars until Knockout, you had to kick the other characters off of the stage which might have some subtext to it. Either way, it gave us the perfection that was Melee and it will continue to live in our memories for years to come.

7. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

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Getting drunk and blacking out in a strange place full of strange people, this game speaks to me. It also speaks to the cult following it has because of it’s hilarious moments ranging from it’s big boobed flowers to the poo cabin and so many more.
What also makes it so engaging and fresh is that it’s self aware and constantly breaks the fourth wall. This is proven to work in other mediums like movies or comic books and with Conker, it’s just as awesome.

6. Street Fighter 2

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This game is responsible for so many sibling fights and broken friendships because of things like someone spamming the shit out of Sagat or Blanka. You bastards.
It’s also responsible for being the template and standard for all fighting games to come after it with it’s memorable characters, easy to pick up yet hard to master controls and it’s great music. It’s spawned a ton of sequels, broke many records and controllers in the process but it all started here. No, part one never happened.

5. Golden Eye

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There was a time in life where there wasn’t an over saturation of first person shooters, yes that’s you, and it was great because when this now iconic game arrived, it was a breath of fresh air.
Goldeneye follows the same story as the movie which makes it really feel like you’re in the movie but more importantly, feel like you’re James Bond using his weapons and gadgets. Ha ha! But what really made this game great was the multiplayer mode with your friends who claimed to not screen watch your every moves. Stop picking Oddjob!

4. Streets of Rage

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Beat em up games are pretty much a dying genre but at their peak this game raised the bar with it’s bright graphics, easy yet smart controls and I don’t care what you say, I think still hum the soundtrack to this very day.
However, the real fun was having a 2nd player join in and just beat the crap out of every single person you see which are pretty much the same 3 people but in different colors but hey the gameplay is still satisfying and has stood the test of time. Have fun on Mania mode.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Depending on your generation, you have the first Zelda game or Link to the Past which was my first Zelda experience but then you have Ocarina of time which really changed the game with it’s beautiful environments, challenging quests and the most annoying ringtone ever
Coming home after school and immediately playing this for hours until you’re awake at 2am starting your homework but damn it was worth it. So many hours, so many play throughs and so many memories.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

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In the early 90s you were either Nintendo or Sega much like today with PlayStation or Xbox, no thank you Wii. Nintendo of course had Mario but Sega had their own mascot who was pretty much on crack with his high speed gameplay and it was pretty awesome for the time. It made Mario look more like a kids game by comparison.
It had superior sequels until the Genesis died then Sonic crashed and burned and got bought out by his rival…but we will always remember the good times.

1. Super Mario World

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What else would be the most nostalgic game? Everyone one and their damn mom have played this or even the ones before it at one point or another.
Super Mario is synonymous with video games but this is the one that really solidified his legacy and even introduced one of the best sidekicks in history.

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