Kylo Ren is proclaimed the “Master” of the Knights of Ren. He uses a red cross guard lightsaber, using a cracked kyber crystal from the dark side planet, Malachor. He killed his fellow jedi mates and single handedly destroyed the New Jedi Order. The question is, has he truly turned to the dark side? It’s clear Kylo struggles to keep himself turned. He tells Vader’s mask that he still feels “the pull of the light” that he needs help find the “power of the darkness”. In Episode III, Anakin’s eyes turned yellow showing he has physically tapped into the dark side. Kylo has yet to turn his eyes which means he could possibly not be truly evil, just going through a phase. If he has truly turned why would Snoke feel the need to continue to test him? He knows that Kylo is still walking in the light. He loves his parents and his uncle, Snoke knows that Kylo wants to find great power and to have significance. It could have been possible that Ben (Kylo) could have been like Anakin and have not have been ready to become a master. He could have been frustrated with Master Skywalker and decided to turn.
He continuously tells himself that he is much like his grandfather which is not at all the truth. Anakin turned to the dark side for love. He wanted to save his wife, someone he loved unconditionally, from dying. He turned to become higher than a padawan. He was frustrated that he couldn’t become a master or be with Padme. Palpatine offered him a better life. He offered him to become a leader of the new Empire and to be able to love Padme. This sounded like a very good offer compared to a life of constant secrecy and restriction. He could be who he was and be with who he wanted. Kylo turned out of hatred. Kylo turned because he wasn’t happy with his life. He was mad his parents took him to the Jedi Order. He was mad because he never became a master. Snoke offered him a place in the Knights of Ren and a position as Commander of the First Order. Kylo may yet turn to the light in conclusion of the Sequel Trilogy or he may die as a pawn of Snoke’s greater plan.

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