Rian Johnson Teases “The Last Jedi” Opening Crawl!!!

The most recent movie in the Star Wars universe, ” Rogue One,” bypassed the famous opening crawl, but it will be back to business as usual for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Director Rian Johnson took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a teaser image of the intro under construction during editing for the upcoming movie.

The timing is key since we just learned the movie’s official name Monday. “Felt so good to drop this into the cut this morning,” Johnson wrote. Eager fans have given the post nearly 11,000 likes.

There’s more than just an editing bay on display here. You can’t miss the R2-D2 in the corner under the speaker. Perhaps he’s there as a good-luck mascot.

The freshly unveiled title is already sparking a considerable amount of speculation as to what exactly it’s referring to. Johnson’s black-and-white photo doesn’t give anything away, but it’s fun to catch a glimpse behind the curtain where the Star Wars magic is being made. The movie is due out December 15.

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