Comic Rewind: Danger Club Vol. 1

Danger Club Vol. 1 explores what the world would be like without heroes like has never been written before.

All the heroes and some of the villains in the Danger Club universe went out to space to fight a super threat.  Three months have passed and the heroes have not returned, but their sidekicks are still protecting Earth.  

Danger Club Vol. 1 was written by Landry Q. Walker, art by Eric Jones and colored by Rusty Drake.  It is published Image Comics and ran from 2012 to 2015, comprising two volumes.

Back on Earth all the sidekicks had to struggle with losing their mentors, family and friends.  The strongest of the sidekicks, Apollo, has taken over as the leader and is holding gladiatorial games to determine who is strong enough to join his “New Olympians.”

Four sidekicks were not happy with how Apollo was handling his position.  Kid Vigilante, Fearless, The Magician and Yoshimi decided to overthrow Apollo.  They tell the crowd the heroes died fighting this mega threat and probably failed.  However, they have done nothing for the past three months to prepare for it when it comes to Earth.

When I first read this I thought it would be a light and fun story of teens growing up and turning into adults.  A coming of age story or an one last adventure comic in the spirit of Goonies or Stand by Me.  I got the opposite of that and got Lord of the Flies with superheroes.  This comic is very much an adult book with gratuitous gore, murder and suicide.

The idea of a group of sidekicks trying to figure what to do without their mentors to help them is really interesting to me.  I have seen other stories tackle it but in those the mentor was just a call away.

I appreciate the comic for not shying away from getting dark.  They did not sugarcoat the heavy feelings of loss and the vulnerabilities of the characters.

This world I really enjoyed, but I wish I could have seen it a little more flushed out.  I wanted to see what happened in the three months before the comic started. What information was there on this threat which drove the heroes and some villains off world?

Danger Club Vol. 1 ended with a great cliffhanger. I am dying to see what will happen in volume two.  

I strongly recommend this comic to anyone who loves superhero comics but wants a different take on that genre and what typically happens in those comics.  The comic compelled me to buy volume two as soon as I finished this one.  I just loved this comic, so stay tune to see my review of the next volume coming soon.

If you read this and love it or want to read something a little more flushed out I suggest Invincible by Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame.  It is a self contained universe of superheroes with the violence and gore of Danger Club.

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