Can The Movie Logan be good without The Hulk?

As March creeps closer and closer, more exciting developments are coming out of the next Wolverine film and as of last week, we now have two trailers. It took a lot of time to fully digest it, which is probably due to my own biases to the source material (Old Man Logan being my favorite wolverine story arc), and upon examination I am left with mixed feelings. When the first trailer was released, I was completely ecstatic. I knew that it would need to be adapted due to Fox and Disney/Marvels screen rights, but this seemed like Fox’s chance to tell a gripping tale of redemption with an aging Logan and a unique relationship with X-23. With the tone of the first trailer, it showed a theme similar to that of Unforgiven or even Gran Torino. A narrative like that would be a perfect sendoff to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and with Director James Mangold at the helm; it seemed like a Post-Apocalyptic Western finale film was to be expected. The second trailer painted a much different picture, showing a much more lighthearted film that keeps to the cookie cutter design that most of the X-men films fall into. I don’t believe superhero films should be judged any differently than other pieces of cinema, therefore I would like to see Fox take a much mature storytelling method and connect with their audience in a more heartfelt way than most superhero films are comfortable doing. Now I understand that I am most likely speculating too strongly while the film is still quite far away, but I stand with my convictions and hope that many more fans of similar interest would voice their opinions. No matter what decision the studio has made I know without a doubt I’ll be first in line to see the film and I recommend everyone sees it for it may be the last time we see the iconic Wolverine being portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

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Written by T.M. Groff

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