Batwoman Begins! (Detective Comics #948 Review)

Detective Comics #948: Batwoman Begins (Purchase Link)    

Art by:  Ben Oliver

Cover by:  Ben Oliver

Written by:  Marguerite BennettJames T Tynion IV

Release:  Jan 11, 2017

Issue:  #948

Review by: A.D. Marrero

Hashtag Rating: 8.5/10

Detective comics is my favorite series in the Batman arsenal.  Not only does the comic show the grimy underbelly of Gotham.  But it also shows the citizens are humans, slowly becoming monsters.  The comic always feeds my horror needs.

““BATWOMAN BEGINS” parts one and two! This special two-part interlude spotlights team leader Batwoman! In the wake of the “Night of the Monster Men,” A.R.G.U.S. has built a secret research city around the corpse of the megamonster that collapsed in Gotham Harbor…creating Gotham City’s newest and most dangerous neighborhood, Monstertown!”


Issue 948 starts off 2 years in the past as the protagonist Batwoman leaps off a building for the first time.  We know what it means to be the Dark Knight but what does it take to be the Batwoman.  Find out in this epic story arc.  I’ve only read a few issues with Batwoman involved but Detective Comics #948 was the perfect book to get a feel for the character.  For new and old readers, alike this is the issue for you.

The story is well balanced with mystery and action.  Marguerite Bennett and James T Tynion IV team up to give you this creepy yet insightful plot.  The art is beautifully drawn by Ben Oliver who captures Gotham’s essence in a way that looks as if it was painted.

What is Batwoman trying to learn?  Why are pigeons merging with corpses?  Join Batman and Batwoman as they try to solve Gotham’s newest gruesome mystery.


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