#TriviaTuesday! Guardians of the Galaxy Edition

It’s Tuesday on That Hashtag Show, which means it’s #TRIVIATUESDAY for pop culture fans united! Now that the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer has popped, what better time to answer some quick ones about Starlord and his haphazard pals?

Answer these 10 trivia questions from Trivia with Budds and be entered in a raffle to win an exclusive piece of art from Rebel Art Designs!

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  1. The soundtrack album for the first film is called ________ Mix Vol. 1.
  2. Bradley Cooper does the voice of Rocket Raccoon, but what film was he nominated for an Oscar for in 2012?
  3. Chris Pratt cited Marty McFly and what other 70s/80s icon as inspiration for Starlord?
  4. Who plays The Collector in the first film?
  5. What month in 2017 is the sequel set to be released?
  6. In what Kevin Smith movie does the Guardians character Yondu play someone named Svenning?
  7. What famous mallard is teased at the film’s end, breaking from its cell?
  8. What is Starlord’s real last name?
  9. In what decade did Groot first appear in the comics?
  10. Name of the wrestler that played Drax’s finishing moves in the WWE.

Have fun, good luck, and watch the trailer here if you missed it!

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