The Clash of Titans; Round 2! (Justice League vs Suicide Squad #2 Review)

Justice League VS Suicide Squad #2 Review

Art by: 
 Jason Fabok

Cover by:  Jason Fabok

Written by:  Joshua Williamson

Release:  Dec 28 2016

Issue:  #2

Review by: A.D. Marrero


Justice League Vs the Suicide squad continues with an all-out brawl in issue #2.  If you haven’t picked up the first issue, well, now is the time.  The Justice League knows of the Suicide Squad’s existence and they are on a mission to shut them down.  The question is will the Suicide Squad go down without a fight?  See what happens when these two teams of titans go head to head in this issue.

“The first major event story line of DC’s Rebirth era begins with a day Amanda Waller always knew would come: the Justice League discovers the existence of the Suicide Squad! This government-sponsored black-ops team of super-villains with bombs implanted in their brains is obviously a deal-breaker for Earth’s paragons of truth and justice! But you can bet the Wall and her Task Force X won’t go down without the fight to end all fights as this weekly series gets under way!”

This issue does not shy away from action.  See what happens when Killer Croc takes on Aquaman.  See what happens when Killer Frost battles the Man of Steel.  The results may surprise and entice you.

Joshua Williamson brings a DC fan fantasy to life with a story arc that continues to build excitement while giving the reader what they want: action packed battles.  The art by Jason Fabok is the perfect balance between a standard comic book and a modern blockbuster film that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Be sure to pick up this gem today at comic books stores everywhere.


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