Amazing Fan Made Han Solo Film From Jamie Costa

This fan made film is the work of Jamie Costa. A well-known vine celebrity and a YouTube film maker. He is known for his celebrity impressions, especially Robin Williams. He seems to have done a great job as Han Solo yet we can see some Robin Williams spilling out at times.

Named ”Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade” is taking us through a task that Han Solo has to do in order to save captured Chewie. The movie begins with a fight in some sort of a bar amidst a card game, Han later acquires the light saber through this ordeal.

There are many fan made Star Wars films. But this one stands out with its acting, makeup, writing and simplicity of film making. The music is also outstanding and up to the mark if we compare other fan films. Jamie Costa has done a very impressive Han Solo as well.

It has gathered more than 48 thousand views in this short period of time. Oh and check out the awesome cameo by That Hashtag Shows good friend Bernie Bregman!


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