“Warlords of Appalachia” Issue Two Review (Boom! Studios)

Warlords of Appalachia #2


Art by: Jonas Scharf

Cover by: Robert Sammelin

Written by: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Release: November 23, 2016

Issue: 2

Review by: A.D. Marrero

warlords_of_appalachia_promo_cover_by_jonasscharf-dab7brbThe Warlords Appalachia are rising out of the darkness.  The aftermath of a second civil war left Kentucky as the only state not recognizing U.S. sovereignty.  Meet Kade Mercer, a reluctant folk hero and mechanic who is leading the charge as the first Warlord of Appalachia.

I took a risk with this book since I had not read the first issue, but I figured, “why not?”  I was not left disappointed.  The second issue takes us straight into battle as the Warlords are trying to attempt a rescue mission.  All the while a timer is announcing “The auto crowd suppression system will activate in three minutes.”

As the issue progresses we run into several plot twists and turns that only Phillip Kennedy Johnson could provide as the writer of warlords_001_007_inkthis series.  Jonas Scharf does an excellent job bringing the characters to life with art that can be described as simple yet thrilling.  The details in the character’s expression not only make you empathize with the characters but also brings in the harsh realities of war.

Who is Kade Mercer trying to rescue?  Who are the blue people?  And what’s going to happen when the crowd suppression system activates?  Be sure to pick up your copies of the first two issues of “Warlords of Appalachia”, available now.


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