(Spoilers)Gotham S03E07: Gordon’s Mind Trip


Finally, Jim Gordon has decided to stop running and face the truth. Let us reflect on all that happened in this episode. Gordon is checking with Valerie Vale in the hospital. She wisely decides to end their relationship, on the account that Gordon still has feelings for Lee. Everybody decided that have had it up to here with Gordon’s antics. Even Bullock whose usually takes Gordon’s side tells him to shape up.

Jervis Tetch is meeting with a man who specializes in exotic substances. He is looking for a way to increase the effects of his sister’s infected blood. The man introduces him to a hallucinogen called the Red Queen. Jervis steals the substance as it will prove useful to him later.


The relationship between Nygma and Mrs Kringle ver 2 is proceeding nicely. He goes home to a panicked Penguin. Nygma reveals that he has met someone. Which makes Penguin very unhappy. Penguin manages to track the woman down. He tries to break the pair up by revealing Nygma’s past misdeeds. Will his tactic work? We shall see.

We also check in on Bruce. He is attempting to make a nice dinner for Selina. They have a nice date planned. Selina ends up not attending the date. She does show up after the fact.  Bruce confronts her about the state of their relationship. She admits that this feels weird for her. Selina tells Bruce that she will try harder next time.


Back in the hospital, Gordon is moping around. He spots Jervis. He chases after him and gets a dose of Red Queen for his troubles. With Gordon out of commission, Jervis invites himself to a gathering of all the important Gotham ruling class. He plans to poison their wine with Alice’s infected blood. Penguin is in attendance. He runs into the mysterious woman who leads the Court of Owls. She reveals to him when the time comes, she will have a later use for him.

Jervis crashes the party, forcing the attendees, including Penguin, to drink the wine at gunpoint. Just as they are about to drink, the GCPD come in to save the day. Barnes confronts Jervis, beating him to a pulp. At that moment, Jervis realizes that Barnes has been infected by his sister’s blood. This does not bode well in the future.


We find out that Penguin’s plan to break Nygma and Miss Kringle ver 2 did not work. The two are stronger than ever. Penguin finds this out in person when Nygma introduces her to him. Poor Penguin, all he wants is for someone to love him.

Under the influence of the Red Queen, Gordon is taken on a trip into his psyche. His ex Barbara Keane has a starring role as Gordon is taken through different scenarios. In the last scenario, he reunites with his dad. His dad reminds Gordon why he took up the badge in the first place. Gordon wakes up from his hallucination with a renewed sense of purpose.


He goes to the GCPD to announce to Barnes that he is rejoining the force. Barnes looks almost relieved by Gordon’s decision. With his descent into madness, Barnes realizes he needs all the help he can get.

We end the episode with the mystery boss lady  meeting with a man in the shadows. He seems to be boss man of the Court of Owls. I am betting that it will be revealed that he is Gordon’s father. Who Gordon seems to think died in a car crash. That would definitely make things interesting.


Stay tuned next week as it looks like Barnes may fully succumb to his madness. I cannot wait for that!


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