(Spoilers)Ash vs Evil Dead S02E08: Killer inside me


This episode is a doozy. Let us breakdown exactly all that happened. We start out with Kelly, Pablo, and Ruby arriving at the mental asylum that Ash is currently residing in. They go inside to look for Ash. They run into the sheriff along with his ex girlfriend. The sheriff and his ex had made a deal to bring Ash to Baal. In return, Baal would give their daughter back. They quickly find out that Baal does not keep his word.  Baal turns their daughter into a deadite. She kills her dad. She ends up battling Kelly who ends up defeating her.

Pablo and Ruby explore deeper into the asylum. Ruby tells Pablo Baal’s plan to turn Ash to make him destroy the book. Pablo realizes that means him since he is the book. We see that Ash is stalking them as they go further into the asylum.


Meanwhile, Kelly is trying to find Ash on her own. She runs into a crazed addict, who reveals nothing of the whereabouts of Ash. She goes into another room. There she meets Ash’s puppet pal, Ashy-Slashy. The puppet attacks her, biting her anywhere he can get a hold of. She finally defeats him by shooting him in the head.

Pablo and Ruby run into Ash. Pablo tries to get his hefe to see reason, but Ash seems unphased. He corners them into a wall. Pablo once again tries to talk Ash down again. He ends up being captured by Ash.


Kelly meets up with Linda. Linda finds out that both her daughter and her ex-boyfriend are dead. They end up find Pablo chained up in an examing room. There, Baal goads Ash into killing everyone. Instead, Ash cuts Pablo down. He reveals this was just a ruse the whole time. The plan was to get Baal and the book in the same room. Pablo uses his connection to the Necronomicon to begin the spell to cast Baal out. Baal fights the whole time. Ruby comes in, sticking Pablo’s pendant on Baals chest. This ends up weakening him. Pablo continues the spell until Baal literally explodes.

Everyone celebrates until it is revealed that due to Baal’s claw that Pablo has been split in two. He falls to the floor, dead. Nooo, not Pablo. He can’t be dead. I suppose we shall find out next episode if his death is permanent.


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