(Spoilers)Ash vs Evil Dead S02E06: Reunion

Holy crap, much awesomeness ensued during this episode. Let us get right to it!


Pablo is becoming one with the Necronomicon. The group brings him back to Ash’s House in order to figure out a way to stop Baal. Baal however has other plans. He meets with the sheriff to help lead a angry mob to take out Ash once and for all.

As soon as Ash and the gang get to the house, Ruby goes upstairs with Pablo to do a spell. Ash and gang find themselves confronted by the mob lead by the sheriff and Baal in disguise. As they try to figure out how to hold them off from doing some damage, Ash goes upstairs.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

Ruby casts the spell to speed up the process of Pablo’s merging with the Necronomicon. During this, Pablo speaks words which ends up summoning the evil force. This is where things get really exciting folks.

Ash is making his way down the hall upstairs when he sees his sister Cheryl’s room. He goes in only to run into Chet. The evil force strikes, tossing them about the room. They wisely decide to leave her room. Just as Ash is about to walk away, a voice calls his name. The door opens to reveal none other than Cheryl. Yes, that is the original actor from the first Evil Dead movie playing her. He questions how she can be alive after he killed her about 30 years ago back in the cabin. She answers him by revealing that not only did she come back, she came back as a Deadite. She throws Chet in her room to have her way with him. I guess the two used to be a thing in the past?


Ash comes to the rescue, saving Chet before his sister can do some real damage. She disappears into the walls of the house, as she taunts Ash. Going downstairs, Ash finally finds her. She bursts through the walls, grabbing Ash. She tries to kill him with his own chainsaw. When that doesn’t work, she grabs Chet to use him as a human shield.  She taunts Ash more before performing a fatality on Chet.

Ash avenges his dead friend by shooting his sister, the force of the shot knocking her outside in front of the angry mob. The mob threaten to shoot Ash on the spot but he has something to show them first. He is able to show the group that his sister Cheryl is a deadite. When he kills her, again, the group finally sees Ash for the hero he is. Baal also reveals himself to Ash.


We end the episode with Ruby successfully materializing the spell to defeat Baal. Next week, I suppose we shall see how successful that is. All in all, this episode was the best of the season so far, especially with the fact they were able to get the original actress to reprise the role of Cheryl. I wonder what other surprises await us before the season ends? It will be exciting to find out that is for sure.

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