(Spoilers)Ash Vs Evil Dead S02E05: Under the skin


We start this episode off with confirmation. The demon who escaped the portal the last episode is the dreaded  Baal. He starts off by seducing a female cop. He ends up peeling her skin like grape. That way he can wear the skin as if it a suit.


Ash finds himself wrongly accused of murder by the local sheriff.  The sheriff arrests him and takes him to jail.  At the jail, the group quickly learns that Baal is among them. Group paranoia takes over as everyone tries to figure out who is who. Pablo reveals that he has a problem. He opens his shirt to reveal that he has a severe case of evil eczema. He seems to think that means he is Baal.



Ruby goes off to find the Kandarian dagger as that the only thing she thinks can help defeat Baal. Just as she finds the dagger, she is confronted by Baal. He overpowers hers. He seems not too happy that she betrayed him by killing their children. Baal ends up letting her as he makes his escape.



Back with the group, they are still at each other’s throats. Suddenly a reanimated skinless body crashes the party. Ash attempts to hold it off. With the assistance of Ruby, he ends up defeating it. They rejoin the group who surrounds Pablo. Something is trying to escape through his stomach. Ruby enigmatically reveals that Pablo holds the key of defeating Baal.


This was a fun episode with Baal entering the picture. I suppose we shall find out exactly what it is that Pablo has that will help turn the tide against evil. Stay tuned next time for more adventures of Ash and the gang!

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