(Spoilers) Gotham S03E08: Judge Dread


Finally, Barnes is starting to lose it. He is investigating a crime scene when he happens upon someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. The guy does not give him the answers that he wants. Alice’s infection takes over his mind, and he proceeds to beat the answers out of the poor schmuck. We find out in a scene later that he went too far, literally tearing the man apart.

Gordon goes in for his first day back at the GCPD. I like how Harvey pretty much states what the audience is thinking, telling Gordon “If we made a big deal out of every time you came back, we would get nothing done.” They end up investigating a case involving a guy who is slicing off people faces. Which ties in to the guy that Barnes had murdered earlier.


Meanwhile, Nygma and Miss Kringle ver 2 are having a nice date. That is until she puts on a pair of glasses that are exactly identical to ones Miss Kringle wore. Ed freaks out, which is definitely understandable. He excuses himself to the bathroom, when he is confronted by the actual ghost of Miss Kringle. She ominously tells him that he will kill Miss Kringle ver 2 just as he had killed her.

Nygma reveals to Penguin the best thing for him to do is to break up with Miss Kringle ver 2. Penguin offers to relay the news for him. Bad idea Ed. Penguin goes to tell Miss Kringle ver 2 the news. She is wise to his tricks, calling out the fact that Penguin loves Nygma. She refuses to break it off with Nygma. Penguin does not take too kindly to that. The love triangle is about to implode, folks.


Barnes has a heart to heart with Jervis to see if there is a cure to what is wrong with him. After he finds out that Jervis does not know of a cure, Barnes has a decision to make. Knowing the damage he can do when the madness takes over, Barnes lays his gun and badge on the desk. This was after he managed to track down the guy responsible for the face slicing. When he found the guy, he came very close to slicing that guys face off with a broken bottle. Somehow he was able to pull himself back enough to bring the guy in. But due to having ties  with some powerful figures, the guy is released. Barnes finds this out and he is not happy at all.

Edward receives a note from Miss Kringle ver 2 to meet her/ He accepts the offer, going to her apartment. She tells him she knows he will not kill her. She then comes out of the bathroom dressed exactly like Miss Kringle. To make things even weirder, she places his hand on her throat. He does not kill her however. Nope, instead this gets Ed off even more. They go off to have a very weird passionate night. Right now, I am thinking one of two things. Either Miss Kringle ver 2 is the reincarnated Miss Kringle. Or Miss Kringle ver 2 is a woman possessed by her ghost. Something just seems up with her.


Lee is having an engagement celebration. Gordon and her fiancee end up having a confrontation. Mario is still not happy that Gordon has feelings for Lee. Mario ends up punching Gordon. Gordon tells him he will give him that one for Lee. Also, Barnes shows up at the party. He plans to stay only for a little while. He wants to get gone. Before he fully succumbs to the madness inside him. Only one issue. Face slicer guys shows up at the party looking all smug.

Barnes meets the guy in the bathroom. The guy wrongly decides to rub it in Barnes face about how he got away with what he was doing. Doing his best Judge Dredd impression, Barnes declares that he is the law. He proceeds slam the guy around the bathroom. Barnes ends the battle by pushing the guy out the bathroom window. Thinking the guy is dead, Barnes returns to the party with a satisfied smile. He runs into Gordon, telling him with his help, they will clean up the city once and for all. Gordon looks very perturbed about this. After Gordon walks away, we see the madness has fully taken over. Barnes looks around, seeing everyone he deems guilty as having demonic faces.


At the end of the episode, we find out that Penguin is not willing to play fair. He wants Nygma as his. Penguin will kill for him which he ends up trying to do. He has his flunkie cut the brakes of Miss Kringle ver 2’s car. She finds herself unable to stop as her car veers in front of an incoming chair. We hear a crash. It does not show anything actually happen. Did Penguin’s plan work? Guess we shall see next week. Oh, the face slicer is survived his fall. Barely. Gordon is getting him help. The guy says one word. Barnes.

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