(Spoilers) Ash vs Evil Dead S02E07: On Crazy Street


Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

Ash wakes up in this episode to find himself in a mental asylum. His treating doctor reveals to himself that everything that has been happening is just a part of his psychotic delusions. He has been in the asylum ever since he murdered his sister along his friends in the cabin so long ago. Ash knows something seems fishy about this whole situation. The treating doctor looks very similar to Baal. Ash goes to choke him to death. The doctor stop him, sticking a tranquilizer in him.

Ash comes to again back in his bed. The doctor introduces him to a puppet version of Ash called Ashy-Slashy. We also see Ruby show up as a nurse. She seems to not recognize Ash. Some weirdness starts to happen as Dr Baal attempts to get Ash to as he says “Kill the Necronomicon”. Ash escapes the room. He enters the room to escape the doctor. The room contains a very manic looking Kelly. She starts breaking her own fingers. Ash screams for help, summoning Pablo the orderly. Pablo roughs Ash up some, knocking him out again.


Ash wakes up to discover he is receiving electroshock therapy. Doctor Baal cranks it up more and more, almost frying Ash on the spot. Ash is left to recover in the common room. With the help of manic Kelly, he creates a distraction. This brings the orderlies. Ash uses this moment to steal one of their key cards.

Ash wakes up to find that his pal Ashy Slashy has returned. They go to attempt to break out of the facility with the help of Kelly. Kelly kills Pablo the orderly who is really just a guy named Reg. The rest of the orderlies find Ash. It is revealed that Kelly is dead. Except it just a random person as well. Ash finds himself accused of killing her.


Ash find himself in a strait-jacket. Dr Baal designates Ash as a lost cause. He tells Ash he is going to transfer him to a different facility. He allows Ash to have a visitor. The visitor is Linda, the ex girlfriend of the sheriff. As they talk, Ash reveals that he is responsible for all the deaths in the cabin. He makes the confession to Doctor Baal. Doctor Baal tells Ash again to kill the book.He is now totally under the thrall, stating his desire to go kill the book. Which spells trouble for the real Pablo who is essentially the book.

Will Ash break Baal’s spell over him? We shall find out next episode!


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