Power Rangers (Comic Issue 9 Review)

Power Rangers #9


Art by:  Hendry Prasetya

Written by:  Kyle Higgins

Release:  Nov. 30, 2016

Issue:  9

Review by: A.D. Marrero


“While Tommy and Jason face off against Black Dragon on the Moon, the rest of the Rangers seek a means to jump-start their powers and save their Zords from his influence! With Billy’s life on the line, will the Rangers overcome their greatest challen1720540-green_rangerge or find defeat in the claws of this familiar foe.”

I grew up with power rangers.  I’ve seen them defeat many enemies big and small.  From bullies to intergalactic warlords the power rangers have always stood up against evil.  But what happens when a mysterious character takes the rangers ability to morph and control their zords?

They turn to the mighty green ranger to take back what’s theirs.  Find out how they defeat the black dragon zord.  Find out if Billy can escape the dark dimension, and find out who is behind Rita’s newest plan to take down the rangers.  The answers will surprise and excite you in Boom Studios newest issue of “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.”

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