Who is Mason Savoy of Image Comics’ Chew

Mason Savoy: A Character Study

With the end of the brilliant Eisner winning comic CHEW coming to an end, it feels only right to look into the characters that made this series shine. Mason Savoy, the protagonist turned antagonist turned something in between, is the ice to Tony Chu’s fire. This well spoken Brit is the whole reason that Tony was ever recruited into the FDA. Mason took Tony under his wing and the two seemed like an unstoppable crime fighting team. Unfortunately Tony’s unwavering sense of justice would not let him turn a blind eye upon finding out that Mason was crooked. The two fought and left Tony missing one ear. This betrayal came from Mason’s quest to discover the truth behind the Avian Flu that killed hundreds of thousands of people and directly lead to the death of his wife. Even after this betrayal, Tony and Mason would team up from time to time to fight against the monstrous Russian vampire. None the less, Tony refuses to give up on his mission to apprehend Savoy leading to one of the most interesting cat and mouse situation in recent comics.

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