Lechuza (Myth of the Owl Witch)

Myths & Legends: Lechuza


Not everything is known about this creature but I can’t help but feel it has been derived from the Greek and Roman Harpy.


The Lechuza is either one of two things; shape-shifting witches or restless spirits in Hispanic mythology.  Legends of the Lechuza are highly popular in Mexico and Texas.

Physical Appearance:  A human sized bird with the head of a woman or normal sized bird with the head of a woman proportionate to the body. Most cases report black wings.


The Myth: Lechuzas are women that have sold their souls to Satan in exchange for the powers they possess.  At night they transform into monsters, flying in the darkness in the search of unsuspecting prey.


When the Lechuza chooses her target she then stalks her prey perched in an inconspicuous location where she will either whistle a strange tune or mock the sound of an infant crying.  Anyone who attempts to investigate the noise risks becoming Lechuza’s meal.  Lechuza will then swoop down capturing and confusing their prey as they scream into the night.

Not every version originates from witches, though.  The Lechuza is also known as a vengeful phantom of a woman who has risen from the grave in order to torment citizens of the living and seek revenge.

Modern Times:  Reports of Lechuza continue today.  Try not to find yourself alone on a deserted road.  If you hear scratching on your roof it may be Lechuza.


Powers: Lechuza in her human forms possess all the powers of a witch and spell casting. Her specialty is to summon storms.  Sightings of Lechuza are often paired with thunderstorms.  Lechuza can shape-shift into her bird form at night and also has the ability to change their voice. It is known much like the tales of the banshee that if you hear the cry of a Lechuza it is an omen that someone close to you will soon die.  Lastly, it is reported that lechuzaLechuza is immortal; immune to bullets and weapons.

(Don’t worry there are ways to protect yourself from Lechuza.)

Defense:  Lechuza hates salt and will avoid it at all costs.  Once you hear the call of Lechuza you should cuss her out, that’s right, cussing her out will supposedly drive her away.  Final defense, (although I would never recommend not checking on a crying baby outside your door but then again that is exactly what Lechuza would want to you believe) don’t go outside to investigate a strange whistle or the sound of a babies cry.

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