Joe Manganiello Talks Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman’

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

Much has been speculated regarding Ben Affleck’s The Batman. Most of the speculation has been quite negative, which is to be expected considering general perceptions surrounding Warner Bros. DC films. Considering Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is still fresh in our minds, there’s already been a concern about the movie being the same old rehash of what has already been produced.

However, one actor has come out to reassure us that this will not be the case.

In an interview with Joe Manganiello, who will be playing Deathstroke in The Batman, sat down and discussed what won him over when he discussed with Affleck what direction the film would take:

“When I met Ben we sat down and we talked about, you know, the role. We talked about the movie. His take is a fresh take but I think the audience is going to be surprised. Because it’s a road that no one’s really gone down that’s completely integral to, you know, who Batman is. And I think it’s gonna be refreshing but at the same time completely familiar. But it’s going to take this franchise in a direction that I think A LOT of people are going to be really happy about. It’s going to be gritty and action packed and cerebral and all of those elements that people love about Batman.”


All positive things said by Manganiello, but I can’t help being cynical about the upcoming new take on Batman. As a director, Affleck has had very great success in the field. Helming a potential blockbuster like this is a great feat for him. However, Affleck’s take on the character, from what we saw in Batman V. Superman, was relatively meh-worthy. I am going to try to hold out hope.

Maybe, just maybe, we will get a decent Batman flick out of this current era of Warner Bros. DC films.

What do you think of what Joe Manganiello had to say? What are your thoughts about The Batman? Am I being too cynical or do you share similar sentiments? Let us know in the comments below.

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