The Cons of Conventions in California

Earlier this year, L.A. Cosplay Con announced that 2016 was their last year. Today, Anime California has officially announced that it’s no longer returning either.

Every year, a new convention has seem to rise. I have only been in the convention circuit for about 3 years now, and it feels as its exponentially increasing. More people are attending heavily saturated cons, and the demand for a new con seems as a good idea.

Apparently, it’s not. Both L.A. Cosplay Con and Anime California were newer cons. Both were only open for a couple of years. I attended L.A. Cosplay Con, and the Hashtag Crew attended Anime California.

People were scarce and vendors limited. The biggest problem, in my eyes, is the price point. Passes were $30 a day. That is a very high price point. Because of that, many con-goers remained outside.

There is also many conventions, especially in Southern California. The combination of high prices, competing conventions, lack of anticipated vendors may be the reason for these conventions failure. In future endeavors, conventions should make sure to have vendors that are more rare or more anticipated amongst the convention community, a lower price point (such as $15-$20), and during a period of time where there are no other conventions happenings.

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