Beginners Guide to Blizzcon

Finally, my first Blizzcon is in the books. As a new Blizzard fan, thanks to Overwatch, Blizzcon was a dream come to true to attend. This also meant going to a convention I have never been to before, but was incredibly excited for! This is what I learned from Blizzcon and my top ten tips for anyone wanting to attend Blizzcon for the years to come.

1) Wear something comfortable, and definitely repping your love for Blizzard. I wore my Zelda shirt from E3 and that got a lot of love. Everyone attending Blizzcon is a gamer, but they are there for Blizzard, so wear those Tracer leggings or your Horde/Alliance shirt. Rep your love!

2) The store sold out lightning quick on day zero of items. If there’s anything you really want and you think might be popular, hit the store as soon as you can. Be prepared for a very, very long line (2.5 hours for me). If there are items you know aren’t going to sell out (like plushies), then go to the store on any other day, where there was no wait time.

3) Opening ceremony. This is a MUST. The opening ceremony is where everything is announced that Blizzard has been sitting on like a hen on her eggs, the news hatches here folks. If you’re an obsessed fan of any of the Blizzard games, you should be here, first thing in the morning, on the first day of the con.

4) Tournaments/E-sports: its only getting bigger and bigger. The Overwatch tournament ran out of space hours before the event, and it was just its first year. If you wanted to see any e-sports live, make it a priority and head straight there when the con opens.

5) Demo-ing games is a MUST. Trust me, you won’t stop hearing about how everyone played the new character Sombra in Overwatch, and you definitely won’t stop getting asked if you did play her or not. Get in that line. Which bring me to my next point ..

6) SNACKS. I cannot stress the importance of food and hydration. There are food trucks outside the convention, but sometimes those lines (and prices) are just too much. Save yourself the headache, grab snacks. Fruit snacks, granola bars, peanut butter and bananas, other fruits, nuts, and of course water and Gatorade are great options to keep your energy up. You’re bound to be in line at some point during the con, that would be a great time to munch away your hunger and the time.


7) Walk around! Seriously, don’t stay in one place the entire time. Explore the convention. Each floor had something to offer. The main floor had the gaming sections and amazing statues from different games. The third floor had the the Hearthstone Cavern and the Dark Moon Fair. And don’t forget to attend panels, like the voice acting ones!

8) If you get tired of being inside the convention, then its a great idea to step outside, into the sun, soak up that vitamin D and COSPLAY! The cosplayers at Blizzcon bring their A+++ game guys. From 3D printing, silicon, props, mechs, swords, wigs, body paint, LEDs, and so much more. Your hero/waifu/husbando is somewhere in that crowd, definitely check out the gathering that takes place on the first day in the afternoon and later that night at the contest!

9) The after-parties! Blizzcon is tiring, and at the end of the day of gaming, cosplaying, walking and standing in lines, sometimes all you want to do is go to your room, take a shower (please take a shower) and knock out. Well, DON’T. There are so many after-parties and gatherings, the Hilton being a main hub for one. Meet your friends there and make new ones too!

10) Everyone knows this, just have fun! Get there early, get ready, don’t let lines get you down, have some snacks, and just have a hell of a good time! Don’t be shy, let your nerd flag fly, rep your favorite Blizzard game, take plenty of pictures, play all the games, and have a really, really good time!

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