Artist Creates Star Wars Triptych Inspired By REFLECTIONS!!


After teasing fans on Instagram with photos of his progress, Jason Neil, a Calgary based illustrator, unveiled his finished Star Wars triptych just prior to Life Day festivities. Each panel features a member of the Original Trilogy trio facing off against galactic thugs and the big man himself, Darth Fucking Vader!

The entire piece was created digitally, using a “cut paper” style reminiscent of 80’s children’s books and took about two weeks to complete. The end result is something truly unique, seeing our heroes at iconic moments reflected through the eyes of their assailants.

Fans of this Reflections triptych can purchase the super limited run at The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in April, as well as Neil’s website and Etsy page.

For more geeky art, be sure to follow Jason Neil on Instagram at @JasonNeil03 and visit his personal site, .


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