Alden Ehrenreich HAS STOOD ON THE Millennium Falcon ALREADY!!


Alden Ehrenreich is on his way to becoming a massive celebrity since he’s on the verge of becoming the new Han Solo. He’d be forgiven for being a bit nervous to take on such a task, but as it turns out, playing the role isn’t what’s most bizarre about the situation. The young actor says that what’s odd about the situation is that, because Star Wars has been such a big part of his life, it all feels comfortable. He has stood on board the Millennium Falcon, and he felt like it wasn’t the first time.

What’s odd about [being on the Millennium Falcon] is that it’s all so familiar. I mean I’ve known it since I was a kid — I played make-believe as a kid, pretending that I was on it. So the fact that I already know the world so well, there’s a comfort in that and a real excitement. I mean I got to work with Chewbacca for my screen test. I can’t think of another form of transportation that is so beloved in film.”

We won’t have to wait quite as long for the new Han Solo movie as we have for the rest of the current Star Wars crop. Rather than being a Christmas release, Han Solo will hit the screen in the summer of 2018.

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