Image Comics: Officer Downe Can’t Be Kept Down

A new trade paperback edition, bursting with extras, coming this January

Powerhouse creative team Joe Casey (SEX, Butcher Baker) and Chris Burnham (NAMELESS, Batman, Inc.) will release a new edition of their hardcore, hard-hitting, crime-fighting series OFFICER DOWNE from Image Comics and Man of Action Entertainment this January.

Terrence Downe is the committed LA cop who’ll keep coming back for more…even from beyond the grave. Experience the Badass with a Badge like never before, with all-new bonus features for this edition, including the complete screenplay of the feature film and an insane amount of on-set/behind-the-scenes photos, giving you an inside glimpse of the making of the film—in theaters and on video-on-demand November 18th!

Officer Downe

“We always knew that we could unleash another edition of Officer Downe onto the unsuspecting masses,” said Casey. “It was just a question of when. Now that the film is about to be unleashed, this was the perfect opportunity. For those who’ve never read this twisted tale of mayhem and madness and law enforcement, get ready for the ride of your miserable lives. For any longtime Downe fans out there, it’s never enough, is it?”

“Joe and I set out to make the most violent comic of all time, and six years later, I think our record still holds,” said Burnham. “Do NOT strap yourselves in, ‘cuz the only way off this ride is straight through the windshield!”

OFFICER DOWNE TP hits comic book stores Wednesday, January 18th and bookstores Tuesday, January 24th.

Officer Downe is a fun comic that revels in its violence and simplicity. Joe Casey adds the right mix of absurd situations and dialogue, while Chris Burnham’s art steals the show.” —Comic Book Resources

“Casey and Burnham have taken a hearty dollop of ‘70s Grindhouse and mixed liberally with a huge portion of ‘80s action schlock to create a comic with its tongue so firmly in its cheek, it has popped out the other side.” —Grizzly Bomb

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