Superf*ckers Forever Issue #3 Is The Funniest Comic You May Ever Read

Superf*ckers Forever Issue #3 Is The Funniest Comic You May Ever Read

A comic which looks this childish shouldn’t be this adult and wonderful.superfers-issue-1

Superf*ckers Forever is about a group of superheroes which live together.  The comic is mostly about how they interact with each other and less about them fighting crime.  The closest comparison to the comic is to the Teen Titans Go! Show but far more adult.

James Kochalka wrote the issue.  Box Brown and Kochalka provided the art.  IDW Publishing published the comic.

The art is very misleading in this issue and the series as a whole.  When I looked at the comic I expected a comic for children.  I forgot the title as well.  The first page has the character of Jack Krak declaring he is going to say the N-word because it is his catchphrase to the African-American character on the team.  I was caught off guard by that being on the first page.

The comic is full of adult language.  This issue does not have any “adult situations” but I know some of the other issues do.  Superf*ckers Forever Issue #3 also does not have any graphic violence or gore.  However, with a comic like this I know it is coming.

Superf*ckers Forever Issue #3 had me laughing from beginning to end.  The issue contains three separate standalone stories.  It reminded me of a newspaper comic strip.  Each issue can be read without reading any previous issue.  There is a continuity but it is very loose and each character has a little bio in the beginning.

I can not recommend this comic enough to everyone.  It is hilarious and I was literally laughing out while reading.  Two problems with the issue are it would be impossible to read this in public because people would think you are crazy as you are chuckling while reading.  The other is that this is very much an adult comic, but does not look it. 

Since reading this I have gone back and read the first two issues of the series and this is the weakest, but is nonetheless amazingly funny. I intend to go back and read the original series of Superf*ckers and read Kochalka’s other work.

Everyone must to go out and buy this book.  It is short, funny and full of low-brow humor.  If you enjoy Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go! and Rick and Morty or other shows like those then this comic is for you. Go out and pick it up today.

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