The Start of Star Wars: Episode VIII Revealed?

Today‘s Cantina Talk they revealed what could be our introduction to Star Wars: Episode VIII. They do, however reveal, “the situation may be hazy. Check in later.” Meaning that it’s NOT confirmed, but also not denied. Here’s what wired had to say:

The Start of Episode VIII Revealed (Maybe)


Source: Internet rumors from anonymous sources
Probability of Accuracy: Situation hazy, please check in later.
The Real Deal: Episode VIII is more than a year away, but there’s a new rumor claiming to reveal just how the movie will start for one character, at least. Despite ending the previous movie in a coma, Finn will apparently start Episode VIII being cut from a “bacta suit” that will have not only healed his injuries, but left him in better shape than he was in before, prepping him for something described as “a journey that is sure to make him a big deal in the Resistance.” Start speculating about what that might entail—and whether or not it includes going to get Rey, Luke, and Chewie from their island hideaway—while wondering just what it’ll mean for John Boyega that Finn is in better shape than ever. Time to head down the gym a bit more, then…

What do you guys think? Is this a likely opening for Episode VII?



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