Star Wars Land Update: How The Rides Will Be Different


Ever since Star Wars Land was announced, fans all over have been waiting in anticipation for any and all ride updates.

Well the guys over at Mice Chat have given us a little update on what we can expect.

For years, there had been long queues in every ride and one had to wait for hours. Disneyland has mastered how to deal with it and has plans for the upcoming Star Wars rides.

While on queue, one will get “through long plot-filled stories that take [guests] through multiple environments before they board their ride vehicles.” This way, guests will not feel bored and impatient.

D23 Parks and Resorts - Star Wars Land. Photography © Bryan Pugh

There will be a Stormtrooper Battle Escape ride, wherein Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) created a large scale elevator. It will also feature over 150 animatronic Stormtroopers as well as other Star Wars characters. What makes this ride unique is that riders will not be sitting during the whole experience.

It is said that one could board and disembark wireless and trackless vehicles that are used to get into rides. While doing that, Stormtroopers will attack the tourists! Yeah you heard right!

But there will be smaller ride capacity with only 1,500 riders per hour, which is just half of the riders at the Pirates of the Caribbean Land.

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