Raven #2 Comes Back With High School Fun For Raven

raven2cover1Raven is still adjusting to her new life in San Francisco when classmates start to go missing.

The second issue of Raven is written by Marv Wolfman.  Alisson Borges provided the pencils and ink.  Blond colored the issue.

Raven starts the issue by explaining her powers a little bit.  She explains she can separate her soul from her body.  However, if they are separated for too long she could implode and take out a huge chunk of land with her.  While she is explaining this she is wrestling with her soul and she is losing.  

This scene makes an interesting premise for future issues. She is not in real control of her soul and is a constant struggle for her to contain it.

Once Raven teleports herself back into her room we get a little bit of reality and her aunt comes in to check in on her.  Raven’s aunt comforts her and explains that she knows the transition for her can be tough but she with get used to it.

I like the mystical aspect of her literally wrestling with her own soul the issue then immediately gives a very real moment of love.  The aunt and uncle are really pulling for her to fit into her new life.  It was real heartwarming.

Raven goes to school and tries to fit in with the normal life of a teenager.  I really liked the high school life of a superhero like I explained in my previous Raven review.  Raven is starting to fit in with her co-students, but she is still getting gossip about how she is a witch, druid or Jedi.  

A new girl named Antt is aggressively trying to make friends with Raven.  I really liked how she had no idea how to deal with everyone trying to befriend her.

At lunch Raven discovered a classmate had disappeared and she sends her soul out to investigate.  The first scene showed Raven fighting with her soul.  This therefore could be a gamble for her every time she separates her soul from herself.  As the issue progresses more classmates disappear and Raven must find out why and who is taking them.

I really enjoyed the issue and the series so far.  An aspect which I didn’t like is the reader is still unaware what is going on.  I would like to know a little more about what is going on.  The issue did end with a strong hint that the next issue Raven will have the opportunity to fight back.  I hope the next issue will lead to some fight scenes and some answers revealed.

Raven #2 is worth reading as part of the series.  I can’t recommend the issue as a standalone read.  It may even be better as a collected trade paperback as the story is moving pretty slow so far.  If it sounds good to you go out and pick up the issue today.

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