Ismahawk, the creators of Nightwing the Series on Youtube, brings you their latest Minute Match-Ups POWER RANGERS vs VOLTRON. This fourth installment of their Minute Match-Up puts the power of the Power Rangers Megazord against the force of Voltron. With a notable cast Ranger Fan favorite Yoshi Sudarso and WWE Wrestler Austin Creed aka Xavier Wood. The match-up of who would win between these two classic robots have been up for debate for years. Ismahawk seem to have the answer. Who do you have in this fight? My money’s on the Megazord as much as I love Voltron got to back my fandom.



RED RANGER- Danny Shepherd – @DannyLaShep, https://goo.gl/ryf8QY

BLACK RANGER- Austin Creed – @XavierWoodsPHD, https://goo.gl/UpWMP5

YELLOW RANGER- Mari Takahashi – @AtomicMari, https://goo.gl/XoCsmb

BLUE RANGER- Tim Gettys – @TimGettys, https://goo.gl/Ja5T7g

PINK RANGER- Tana Mongeau -@TanaMongeau, https://goo.gl/L61R0q

KEITH- Yoshi Sudarso – @yoshistunts, youtube.com/Apartment210

HUNK- Greg Miller – @GameOVerGreggy – https://goo.gl/Ja5T7g

LANCE- Niko Pureinger – @CorridorDigital – https://goo.gl/DJMmx

PRINCESS ALLURA- Justine Ezarik – @iJustine, https://goo.gl/6KkX0

PIDGE- Anthony Carboni – @acarboni, https://goo.gl/VslzHp

BULK – Brian Altano @AgentBizzle

Skull – Max Scoville – @MaxScoville

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