NYCC 2016: Star Wars Hasbro Panel


Since Force Friday just passed, I honestly thought we saw what Hasbro had to offer with the Rogue One line. Boy was I wrong! Today at the Hasbro New York Comic Con panel they unveiled enough new figures to keep me broke this holiday season.


First up were the new Galactic Heroes characters. Now the youngest of Star Wars fans can get to know Kylo and Rey, or have a Death Trooper fight Chewbacca. But I’m more interested in this new AT-AT set myself


Now to what everyone in the room was waiting for, The Black Series.







The Black Series’ Director Orson Krennic comes from a direct scan of actor Ben Mendelsohn






You can’t have a Baze Black Series figure without a Chirrut Îmwe. Come on it’s a Donnie Yen Black Series figure!!!







The Black Series Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader features improved articulation and new blasters.


And last but not least, the highlight of the whole panel.






Darth Vader is back in Black Series, and this time, his figure is based on his appearance in Rogue One. Can you spot any differences between Vader’s Rogue One look and his past incarnations?

All I can say is, Take my money NOW!!!







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