NEW! Overwatch Halloween Skins Debut

The moment all Overwatch fans were waiting for (right after new character releases) – the Overwatch Halloween skins have been released!


This is a screen before you enter the game advertising the new “Halloween Terror” mode! Time to get spoopy ladies and gentlemen, supports and tanks, and defense and offense characters. Every one who boots up Overwatch from October 11th to November 1st will get a special Loot Crate, which hopefully will have a special Halloween skin to your favorite main.


Fan favorite healer Mercy looks particulary witching in her witch skin, which many fans speculated would be a great Halloween costume for her months ago. The very first fan art to be produced of Zenyatta was of a Halloween variety, in which we do see he has an great skin as well. I don’t even play Zenyatta but this skin is definitely one to die for.

bastion pharah

Bastion and Pharah get eerie purple vibes around them. Pharah is zombie-fied, which is good because I can’t think of more that you can do to her skin anyway. Who still plays Bastion by the way? Log off of Overwatch immediately.


The pumpkin-grimacing, orange glowing, and long coat wearing Reaper and Ana have to be the most bad-ass skins of the Halloween update. They’re subtle and scary, and it’s perfect.

hanzo symettra

Hanzo and Symmetra look amazing in their black, red and white outfits. So vampire. Much spoopy. Wow. Is Hanzo suppose to be a zombie? Wouldn’t that make more sense for Genji?

soldier reinhardt

These two are a classic, and actually dressed up as celebrities. Soldier 76 looks like thriller Michael Jackson and Reinhardt looks like Mr. Freeze. I dig the throwbacks Blizzard.

junkrat roadhog

I saved the best for last, Dr. Junkenstein and D3AD Roadhog! We saw these leaked in the comics, and these are my favorite of the skins. (No I am not bias because I main Junkrat). Dr. Junkenstein wins for best Halloween skin because he reminds me of Rick from Rick & Morty, and it’s PERFECT.

More Halloween updates include a special Brawl map (perhaps to the Hollywood map that’s getting updated) and victory RIP poses.


Hopefully we will see skins for the rest of the Overwatch characters! So far Genji, Mccree, Tracer, Mei, Tjornborn, Widowmaker, D.Va, Winston, Zarya, and Lucio haven’t received any Halloween love.

Possible theories anyone?

P.S. Where’s Sombra?


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