Gotham S03E03: Hypnotize Your Mind(Spoilers)


I will start out by saying I was very impressed with Gotham’s version Of Jervis Tetch(aka The Mad Hatter).

The episode starts out with his performance at Barbara Keane’s nightclub. Jervis is passing himself as just your average stage hypnotist, but he takes advantage of this situation to plant a subliminal message in one of the patron’s minds.

Meanwhile in the worst of all ideas department, Bruce has decided to let his clone stay in an effort to try to help him. That certainly won’t come to bite him in the butt later. Especially when the clone reveals that he can hold himself in a fight, nearly knocking Alfred senseless during a impromptu training session. It is also revealed that the clone cannot feel pain.


Back to Jervis, he used the little seed he planted to make the patron kill his wife, and then himself. He then tracks down Jim Gordon to enlist his help in finding Jervis’s sister Alice. Gordon agrees after Jervis offers him a large sum of cash.Speaking of Gordon, he meets up with Lee, who reveals to him that she has moved on. He tells her he is fine with it, but he doesn’t seem fine with it at all.


The Mayor is holding a press conference when he is unceremoniously interrupted by Penguin. The Penguin has had up to here with the Mayor’s incompetence. What is his solution? Why, to run for mayor himself. Welcome to Batman Returns everyone!

Gordon tracks down Selina Kyle to ask for her assistance in finding Alice. She enlists his help in finding Ivy before pointing him the way. So Gordon has two people to look for now. At Alice’s last location, he runs into a group of goons who is not to happy that Alice had set their place on fire. They atttack him, but Gordon defeats them. He ends up at the hospital as a result of his injuries. In the mother of all coincidences, the doctor who stitches him just so happens to be Lee’s current beau.


Selina Kyle goes to Wayne Manor to ask Bruce to help her find Poison Ivy. Bruce refuses because he has the clone situation to deal with. The clone is peeping in on them, and in a move I could see coming a mile away, he totally takes on the appearance of Bruce and steals Alfred’s car to go find Selina. When clone Bruce finds her and offer to help, she knows something is up, but ends up taking him up on his offer.

Gordon finds Alice. There is something wrong with Alice’s blood that causes anyone in contact with it to go insane. She also tells him she does not want to go back with Jervis. When Gordon goes back to the club to tell Jervis this, and questions him, Jervis hynotizes Gordon to leap to his death. Alice shows up and shoots Jervis, breaking his hold over Gordon.

GOTHAM: Morena Baccarin in theÒMad City: Look Into My EyesÓ episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 3 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Lee and the doctor are having a dinner. His father eventually joins the couple. Who is none other than Carmine Falcone. The doctor is his son Mario Falcone. Daddy Falcone is also concerned about Gordon. Lee tries to convince them both that Gordon will not be an issue. Methinks Daddy Falcone is not so convinced.


The current mayor of Gotham meets with Penguin to try to show Penguin just who his boss. Just when he thinks that he has Penguins number, Penguin ups the ante to show he definitely has the numbers on his side. Penguin also realizes that there is someone missing from his campaign. He goes to Arkham to blackmail the warden to release Edward Nygma. The friends are united, which means very bad things for the rest of Gotham

Now that the Mad Hatter story line has commenced, this season looks like it is going to get interesting very quick. There was no Fish Mooney, but she was not missed at all. What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out!

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