Ash vs Evil Dead S02E02: Head up your butt(Spoilers)


This episode starts off with Ash and the gang heading back to his house. His father informs them he has a date(more on that later). Ash heads up to his room. A very cool sequence plays  featuring bits of Evil Dead as he makes his way there. Once inside, they decide the next course of action, which is to locate the Necronomicon. Ruby reveals she hid it in a dead body


Ash and Kelly head to the morgue, and Pablo stays behind with Ruby. Pablo wants answers as to what is going on with him since the book bonded with him. Before Ash and Kelly leave, they see an old flame of Ash’s head into his house for a date with his dad.


Meanwhile, Ash goes into the morgue and starts hacking bodies with a chainsaw to locate the Necronomicon. He has one body to go. It ends up being the one holding the book.  In a battle that cannot be described, Ash attempts to retrieve the book. I am serious, this is something that must be seen. He ends up victorious and takes the book with him. Not before he realizes the old flame of his is not exactly in the land of the living.


Pablo has another vision and before he can reveal what he saw, he and Ruby are attacked by Ash’s old flame. Ash arrives just as Ruby kills her. Ruby assumes he failed to retrieve the book. He reveals he left it in his car. His car that ends up being stolen by a couple of young thugs.

Looks like next week, the quest to retrieve the Necronomicon continues. Stay tuned next week for more bloody whacked out adventures of Ash and the gang!

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