Were the Yuuzhan Vong Almost Canon in Star Wars: Clone Wars?

In a panel at Star Wars Celebration 2015 there was an untold stories from Star Wars: Clone Wars in Dave Filoni’s sketch books which included concept art. It was said that the Yuuzhan Vong were to be a story arc in the Clone Wars. Filoni’s reason for not including them in the series was because production didn’t get that far.  There was no indication that the New Jedi Order storyline was to be included, but rather implied.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Yuuzhan Vong this comes from http://starwars.wikia.com/.

The Yuuzhan Vong—”Children of Yun-Yuuzhan“, also called theChosen Race, known to the Chiss and Ferroans as the Far Outsiders, and sometimes incorrectly abbreviated to Vong (which implied that one was disowned by their family and their gods)—were asentient species that nearly destroyed the New Republic, and were responsible for the deaths of nearly 365 trillion sentient beings during their invasion of the galaxy.

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