Twitch Announces Twitch Prime!

Way back in 2014 Amazon announced it would be acquiring Twitch, but since the acquisition, we really haven’t seen any kind of real synergy between the two. Both Twitch and Amazon continued to function just as they had previously, but now, that all changes with Twitch Prime.

From the official release:

Twitch Prime is a new premium experience on Twitch that is included with Amazon Prime. As a Twitch Prime member, you get free game loot every month, like instant access to the newest Hearthstone hero, Tyrande Whisperwind, or the new indie game, Streamline. You also receive discounts on new-release box games sold by Amazon during the pre-order period and for the first two weeks after launch. And on Twitch, once you link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account, you get an ad-free viewing experience, exclusive emotes and chat badge, and one free channel subscription every 30 days. When Twitch Prime members use their free channel subscription every month, the streamer gets paid just like any other subscription, so this introduces a new way to help support the streamers you love, even if you’ve never subscribed before. Or, you can just use it for crashing subscriber-only chat rooms. Your choice, boss! 🙂

This all sounds pretty cool. If you already have Amazon Prime, linking your accounts is a no brainer. If you don’t have Amazon Prime but you have Twitch Turbo, you should really consider the upgrade, Twitch Turbo runs you $8.99 a month, Amazon Prime is either $10.99 a month or $99 for the year. In addition to all the TV shows and Movies you get access too, you also get free 2 day shipping on Prime purchases. So, for an extra $10 a year (paid annually) this is a great deal, and if you have both Amazon Prime and Twitch Turbo, this is saving you like $90 a year. Check out these two launch event they’re running too:

We are celebrating the launch of Twitch Prime with two events: a 6-week longHearthstone celebration, and a $1 million charity event with GameChanger Charity.

· Hearthstone Event — September 30-November 6. Top Hearthstone players will be streaming and celebrating Hearthstone all month, explaining in depth the meta, playing exhibition matches, and more. Throughout the event, all Twitch Prime members get the newest Hearthstone hero, Tyrande Whisperwind, the Night Elf Priestess.

· GameChanger Charity Event — September 30-October 5. We’re running a massive Twitch-wide subscription drive for charity, benefiting GameChanger Charity, a group who raises money and awareness for children with cancer and their families, while creating life-changing experiences. Twitch Prime will donate $100,000 to GameChanger for every 100,000 new subscriptions to any channel on Twitch, whether using the Twitch Prime free subscription or not, between Friday, September 30 and Wednesday , October 5, up to $1 Million. Remember that free channel subscription you get every 30 days with Twitch Prime? You can go sign up for the free trial right now, and use that free channel subscription on any channel you like, and you’d be helping us donate money to GameChanger.

 Check out the FAQ here to answer any additional questions.

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