Stranger Things Season 2 confirmed!


Okay guys, season 2 of Stranger Things has been officially announced. I have no chill right now! As soon as I got done watching Season 1 of Stranger Things, I was hoping to see it continue on. The marketing department seemed to realize that as well. They knew the Strangers were salivating for a taste of the next season. They gave us exactly what we wanted.

In a teaser, Netflix confirmed Stranger Things would be returning in 2017. Also in the video, it gave us a run down of all the episode titles. Which leaves room for much speculation between now and the time that the show returns. The exact plot details have not been revealed as of yet. We do not know if the cast from the first season will be back either. Although Winona Ryder did express interest in returning as well as some of the child actors. I am hoping the badass sheriff comes back as well.


What we do know is that this season will be set in the year 1984 and that it will be 9 episodes as opposed to the 8 we had last time. The way the first season ended gave them enough to work with to continue into the second season. Some of the titles that show up in the teaser do seem to suggest that we may have not seen the last of Will and the rest of the gang.

If you have not seen Stranger Things yet, then what are you waiting for? All 8 episodes of the first season are currently on Netflix. Go check it out now. Become one of the Strangers. By the way, that is my term for the fans of this series. If it is not an official term, then it should be.

Check out the teaser video below for Season 2 of Stranger Things!

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