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Star Wars fans with I-Phones, rejoice!!! If you ever had an interest in sending a sticker message to someone that best conveys your feelings, but wanted it to look like a Star Wars character, today is your lucky day.

Today the App Store for iMessage launched a Star Wars Sticker iMessage app that includes 21 adorably animated stickers that allow users to utilize them in their iMessages. To give you an idea of what I mean, think of the stickers that were launched for Suicide Squad on Facebook’s Messenger App. The stickers are cute and look almost chibi-like in appearance. Even Darth Vader looks adorable as he force chokes you via sticker.


That means a BB-8 thumbs up when you approve, a Lando wink when you’re feeling scoundrel confident, and much more. The Star Wars Stickers iMessage app can be purchased for $1.99 via the App Store. Truck Torrence, an artist well known for his cute, cartoon style, illustrated the stickers. It’s really difficult to try to find fault in the adorable stickers, especially after reading the interview Truck did with to help promote the app’s launch.

One of the biggest things that Truck Torrence is exicted about is what Star Wars fans will be doing with the stickers once they get them:

 I really just can’t wait to see what the fans will do with them. It’s fun being able to create something like this and then see how the people using it shape the experience. I guess I would just ask that people use the Obi-Wan Jedi mind trick sticker responsibly!


Personally, I think these stickers are really adorable and remind me of something you could easily see on WeChat, a Chinese instant messaging app. It has a lot of cute stickers and if you don’t have it, get on it! It’s also seems to be a part of a growing trend from companies to promote their movies and products by releasing stickers on messaging apps. The release of this app just a week before the premiere of Star Wars Rebels and just about three months before the Rogue One movie comes out is, in my opinion, a brilliant marketing move to get people even more interested in Star Wars.

You can check out the rest of the stickers available here. If you have an I-Phone and love Star Wars, I think $1.99 isn’t that bad of a deal with such cute and amusing stickers.

What do you think about these stickers? Would you be willing to buy them? Let us know in the comments below.

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