Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder Coming To PC On Oct 18

The fate of the world is uncertain. Neverwinter’s adventurers must scramble to break through giant defenses and stop all of Faerûn from turning to ice. Launching on November 8, Storm King’s Thunder Sea of Moving Ice introduces several new features including an adventuring zone, new ways to travel, a fishing mini game, artifact weaponry, treasure hunting and an epic assault on Svardborg.

Picking up where Storm King’s Thunder ended, the Sea of Moving Ice update sends players to battle the overwhelming defenses of the Jarl Storvald, who has nearly deciphered the Ring of Winter’s secrets and threatens to blanket the lands in permafrost. Players can hop in their new nautical vessel and travel through the Sea to gather support for the battle ahead. Along the way, they’ll be able try their luck at a newly built fishing system, go hunting for scraps of a treasure map, and uncover lost relics to earn artifact weapons far stronger than any before.

Neverwinter is a free-to-play action MMORPG that features fast-paced combat and epic dungeons. Players explore the vast city of Neverwinter and its surrounding countryside, learning the vivid history of the iconic city in the Forgotten Realms and battling its many enemies. Neverwinter is available on PC and is free to play digitally on Xbox One (with Xbox Live Gold) and PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®Plus not required).

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