Love at First Fight | Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Review | Ranger Wrap Up

This week Joe & DJ review episode 11, Love At First Fight. They also run down some Power Rangers news, and list their top 5 most Savage Moments in Power Rangers History.

Beauticruel plans to use Poisandra’s magic paint and brush to make any man fall love in with her; Heckyl devises a plan to steal the Rangers’ energems.

Love at First Fight Star:

Brennan Mejia – Tyler Navarro
Camille Hyde – Shelby Watkins
Yoshi Sudarso – Koda
Michael Taber – Riley Griffin
James Davies – Chase Randall
Davi Santos – Sir Ivan of Zandar
Jarred Blakiston – Prince Phillip III
Claire Blackwelder – Kendall Morgan
Ryan Carter – Heckyl
Richard Simpson – Keeper
Estevez Gillespie – Wrench, Curio (voices)
Jackie Clarke – Poisandra (voice)
Campbell Cooley – Mecha Voice, Snide (voices)
Mark Wright – Doomwing (voice)
Marissa Stott – Beauticruel (voice)
Elizabeth Dowden – Kaylee
Sophia Huybens – Britney Baines

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