Hidden Details Star Wars Snuck Right By You

The Star Wars series includes some of the biggest blockbusters of all time, due in no small part to the rabid and meticulous fandom that’s followed it through the years. Even after a thousand viewings, there are still some things you may have missed in that galaxy far, far away. Here are a few hidden details in Star Wars movies…

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Lucas family cameos | 0:16
Boba Fett unmasked | 0:49
Klutzy stormtrooper DNA | 1:22
Cellblock 1138 | 1:49
Corellian freighters | 2:17
Millennium Falcon’s new dish | 2:47
Vader’s helmet | 3:11
Potato asteroids | 3:35
Skywalker sound | 4:05
Ralph McQuarrie’s cameo | 4:20
R2-KT | 4:47

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