Gotham S03E01: Here there be monsters(SPOILERS)



When we last left Gotham, Fish Mooney managed to escaped Indian Hill with a bus full of various freaks and monstrosities. Due to a run in with Penguin with his number one guy Butch, Fish crashed the bus and the parade of freaks ended up escaping into the city, including a clone of Bruce Wayne.


Six months later, we find that Jim Gordon has left the GCPD due to being distraught after finding out the his main squeeze Leslie Tompkins has found another suitor. He is going off on his own, and ends up running into a new player in town,a reporter named Valerie Vale. Her relation to Vicky Vale is unknown at this point, but I am guessing she is going to end up being her mother.

GOTHAM: Guest star Jada Pinkett Smith in the ÒMad City: Better to Reign in HellÉÓ season premiere episode of GOTHAM airing airing Monday, Sept. 19 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

During a press conference held by Commissioner Barnes and the mayor, the Penguin comes in trying to get the people of Gotham to aid him in taking down Fish Mooney. Fish Mooney has taken charge of the freaks who escaped Indian Hill. Turns out that her body is rejecting the mutation that gives her the ability to control others. She is trying to find a cure so she enlists the help of the escapees to help find her. We get to see some kind of Dinosaur man(I thought maybe Killer Croc, but I doubt it), a man that I am pretty sure is supposed to be Man Bat, and a man who has the ability to age people rapidly to the point they die from his very touch.


Penguin is still continuing his bromance with Edward Nygma. He also is trying to help protect Barbara Kean and Tabitha. They just opened up a new club and seem to be doing very well for themselves. Barbara proves they are very capable of taking care of themselves as we see she is still not playing with a full deck. They seem to be teasing her a some kind of iteration of Harley Quinn. I am not sure how I feel about that. We also find out the only reason why Penguin is protecting Barbara and Tabitha is because Bruce is carrying the torch for Tabitha.


Selina Kyle and Poison Ivy have paired together, and they end up having a run in with the mysterious Bruce Wayne clone. They also end up finding themselves on Fish Mooney’s bad side. Ivy finds herself the next target of the aging man, but she ends up falling into the sewer before he can finish her off.

Now I know they were talking we might see a more mature Poison Ivy this season. I couldn’t tell for how long the man touched her for before she fell into the sewer, but I am pretty sure this is the last we will see of the young Ivy.


Meanwhile the real Bruce Wayne is trying to get to the bottom of the conspiracy afoot at Wayne Enterprises. This leads to him being targeted by a group known as the Court of Owls. At the end of the episode, we see him being captured by one of their members.

The name of the this season is Mad City, and so far, it seems very mad indeed. The season premiere did a good job of setting up some interesting plot threads. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I am happy to be your tour guide as we start on this wild ride. See you next week, Gothamites!

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