Gotham Academy: Second Semester #1 Scores A “B-” On The Exam

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #1 picks up with Olive Silverlock after she has spent all winter break alone at the academy. Just think of it like a season two to the series.

gotham-2nd-sem-coverBecky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl wrote the issue, with MSASSYK and Adam Archer on pencils, and MSASSYK and Sandra Hope helping with inks. Serge Lapointe and MSASSYK provide the color for the issue.

I don’t want to go too much into what the Gotham Academy is. If you want to know a little more about it and my thoughts on the prior issue then read my review. Gotham Academy is a private school in Gotham to give a very brief recap.

Silverlock was bored out of her mind as the campus is devoid of almost all students as they have all gone home for the winter break. However, one day she sees her surprise new roommate, Amy, unpacking in their room.

Amy is getting the grand tour of the campus by Silverlock when they discover the mysterious Wedgwood Museum. The museum is actually Old Lady Wedgwood’s house. The two enter the house and then the story really begins.

The art team on this comic did some real amazing work on the issue. All the sets and characters are very pleasing to the eye and inviting. I got a calm feeling when reading the comic, which is saying a lot because of the creepy and mysterious atmosphere the comic takes place in.

Another great aspect of the issue is the art teams amazing attention to detail. Almost every panel has something in the background; in some cases it’s something small like a dead plant’s branches or the silhouette of some furniture. I really enjoyed the time they took to add things almost no one would notice.   

The writing team really nailed the personality of the characters and gave them a human and realistic personality. This can be hard to do when the comic takes place in Batman’s home town.  I feel like I know people like this and may have been that person.gotham-2nd-sem-1

I really like the tone of the issue as well because it has some real subtle humor but it didn’t feel out of place and actually added to the story. Even with the humor in the issue it still maintained the horror and mystery aspect the series lives in. I was always wondering what would happen next and hope the characters make it out alright.

This issue is a self contained story which is mostly used as a jumping on point for the series, which it does well, but the issue’s story really was not that interesting. It was done well but I was waiting for something really big and exciting to happen and it never did.

I would still recommend this issue as a good start for new readers because it introduces the type of characters in the series and its tone. However, if you are already well versed in the series and want to know if this is a must buy, the answer is no. You can skip it, but know a new female classmate named Amy was introduced.

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #1 is available for your reading pleasure today and is a good all ages comic.

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