Alpha Five Finds His Voice

Guys. yesterday I wrote about the posters for the new Power Rangers movie . . . today, today I bring you the voice of Alpha 5 . . . It’s friggin’ Bill Hader! 

Alpha 5

From Wikipedia: In the early days of the series he often acted like a younger brother to the Rangers, always wanting to spend time with them and learn things (such as learning “hip-hop-kido” from Zack). He matured slightly as the series progressed, but always remained a naive, childlike assistant. Residing in the Command Center with Zordon, he served as the Rangers’ technician, constructing weapons for them to use against the forces of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.


Bill Hader is no stranger to voicing non-human characters, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Hader was a “Voice Consultant” for BB8.


What do you guys think about Hader providing the voice for Alpha 5? Is he a good choice or is there someone else you feel would have been better?

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