Aloha Alola! Pokemon Sun & Moon Around the Horizon


After the insane popularity of Pokemon GO, gamers are excited for the next Pokemon game! Luckily for those die-hard Pokemon fans, the next title is being released November 18th, 2016.

That’s right guys, move the turkey and taters to the side, and slap that DS and Pokemon title on your dining table, it’s time for a helping dish of Pokemon. The highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Moon is the seventh in it’s generation and will feature dozens of new Pokemon, game specific Pokemon, new evolutions, old Pokemon re-styled, as well as a fresh new map of course.


What’s really special about Pokemon Sun and Moon and brand new to the series is that some of the original Pokemon have a brand new version and evolutions. Vulpix, originally a fire type, is now an ice type. And Exeggutor, originally the fully evolved version of Exeggcute, has a new Alolan evolved version.


The best part of Pokemon Sun and Moon is that it’s not just a repeat of another Pokemon game. Nintendo and Game Freak are kicking off Pokemon’s 20th anniversary right with launching this game, that appeals both to the original Pokemon players and new fans from Pokemon GO, by refreshing the old Pokemon with new types, evolutions, villains and more new Pokemon! Aloha to Alola!

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